The Veggie Project With 5th Grade Students

Lady Moon Farms talks to fifth grade students about vegetables

After the great experience we had visiting middle school students we wanted to talk to a younger group. We found a fifth grade class that allowed us to stop by and ask a few questions. We wanted to learn more about how the students felt about vegetables and were they eating them?

With homemade compost in hand and some seeds to plant I went to talk to the fifth graders. The students had planted seeds in second grade and knew more about composite than the teacher or I expected. One student explained to us what compost was and how her family made their own composite.

About half of the students we asked said they ate and enjoyed vegetables, both raw and cooked. A handful of students would rather eat fruit than vegetables if given a chance. One preferred Cheetos.

I brought radish, tomato, cucumber seeds  into the class and each student planted a vegetable plant. They were very excited and wanted to take their

plants home right away. They had questions about their plants and shared with me what they learned and also told me what they hoped to do next.

Another great experience talking to students about what they eat and why. Again, I found that everyone was eager to learn and share their opinions.