Students Complete Survey About Vegetables

Twenty Eight Students Complete A Survey About What They Eat And Why

Lady Moon Farms wanted to know what vegetables middle school students were eating. We surveyed twenty eight students asking about the vegetables they were eating, what they preferred, and whether they wanted to learn more about nutrition. We asked the following 10 questions.

1. Do you like to eat vegetables? Fifty percent of the students said yes, ten percent said no, and forty percent said sometimes.

2. How often do you eat vegetables? Fifty percent of the students ate vegetables daily, thirty percent said when they were forced and twenty percent said two to three times a week.

3. When asked which vegetable was their favorite, carrots were favored by 50%, other vegetables like broccoli, eggplant, peppers, peas and edemame were named.  Once the teacher reminded the students that french fries were made with potatoes most students said that potatoes were their favorite.

4. What would they rather eat? Most said fruit some said; chicken, meat, candy, and of course junk food.  One student said, “Anything!” Also one student said, “Nothing, because I am a vegetarian.”

5  Eighty-five percent said that they liked eating raw vegetables and fifteen percent said they did not.

6. Seventy-five percent said they liked cooked vegetables and twenty-five percent said they did not.

7. Why do they eat them? Twenty-five percent said that their parents made them, twenty-one percent said they like the taste and fifty-four percent said that they wanted to be healthy.

8. Only thirty-three percent had tried drinking vegetable juice and that was out of a can.

9. When asked if they would like to learn more about the nutritional value, sixty percent said yes, thirty percent were not interested, and ten percent said no.

10. Over ninety percent said they were interested in learning how to grow vegetables.