Our Locations


location_map_2012We have farms in Chambersburg, PA, Punta Gorda, Immokalee and Loxahathcee, Florida as well as Bainbridge, Georgia.

With these locations, Lady Moon Farms is able to provide year-round availability on most of our products while remaining fanatical about freshness! We are and have always been 100% soil grown.


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About The Lady

LMF_ladyWhen our daughter Carla was three she used to always spot the moon in the daytime, saying “There’s the lady moon.” Tom was looking for a name for the farm and thought what a great name it would be.

We tried to incorporate the three sisters of corn/beans/squash from the Native Americans, but with Chris kneeling as the model with her hand in the air, and a friend taking pictures, we just settled for the lady and the moon.

Why Organic?

usda_organic_logo_rgb5USDA Certified Organic was always based on feeding the soil which feeds the plant leading to healthy animals, people, and planet.

Certification was based on the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 (OFPA). This law states the central tenet of organic farming is soil health. Yet lately, there has been an increased volume of hydroponic/container growers certified organic.

They do not specify on their label that they are not grown in soil (and some without any sun!). This is deeply troubling as the integrity of the organic label is detrimental to REAL organic farmers following the spirit of the law.

In addition to hydroponic/container growers, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) are being certified organic. In these operations, most animals do not have access to any outdoor green space. The only difference between organic CAFOs and conventional dairy/egg/meat producers are the grains being fed to the animals.

We believe that organic consumers are smart and demand transparency. The majority of organic farmers are following the spirit and letter of the law. A few bad players could damage the future of the organic label, and thus do irreparable harm to REAL organic farmers. 

How can you help?

  • Join the REAL ORGANIC PROJECT to receive informational updates. If you’re able, a pledge will go towards developing a pilot program that recognizes REAL organic farmers. Learn more at https://www.realorganicproject.org/
  • Ask your produce manager if the organic produce you’re buying is hydroponic.  Container growing is the same as hydroponic growing as all nutrition comes through a constant IV drip to the plant. Most often hydroponic vegetables include tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.
  • Ask your local grocer to LABEL hydroponic/container growing separate from SOIL GROWN organic.
  • Ask your local grocer if your organic eggs and meat come from a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO).  
  • Research the brands and farms where you purchase your food. Use your dollars to support REAL organic farmers.