A Year of No Sugar

It’s dinnertime. Do you know where your sugar is coming from?

A Year of No Sugar, a memoir by Eve O. Schaub. The mother of two school aged daughters and a lover of sugar decides to do the impossible….live a year with out sugar. After watching a Youtube video called “Sugar; The Bitter Truth” Eve became transfixed and decided to take on the challenge of living life without sugar. Many families would have troubles committing to this for a month, Eve convinced her family to  sacrifice one of life’s basic pleasers for a year. Navigating through community BBQ’s, holidays, and a trip to Italy this family stayed on path journaling their experiences, feelings and struggles.

The book opens up with disturbing information about the status of Americans; who are sick, overweight, obese, and lets not forget unhappy. As a society we weigh 25 pounds more than we did 25 years ago. Our fat consumption has gone down but we continue to remain obese. Most Americans are currently consuming 63 pounds per person of high-fructose corn syrup per year. Eve refers to sugar as heroin, and poison to the body. She chronicles the daily challenges after realizing that even the most innocent foods are filled with sugar. After reading labels and educating herself she discovered that eating out was near impossible! We all know that most celebrated events are done so around food and that food is typically filled with sugar. Eve experienced much judgment from extended family, peers and society. Most, quite frankly thought she was crazy, not understanding at all what she was trying to accomplish.
I found the book interesting and inspiring. It certainly made me think about everything I was putting onto my plate. The book explains the challenges from each family members perspective. In the beginning they each agreed that once a month they could enjoy a traditional family desert. This was typically celebrated with old family favorite recipes and birthday parties. Each family member coped in their own way. After months of adjusting to a sugar free diet the monthly coveted splurges were followed by a headaches and sick bellies.
The best part of the book for me was the ending. I will not spoil it, you will have to read it for yourself to find out what they learned and how their diets have changed today. I will tell you that this is a brave tale of one families commitment to an unlikely journey together.