Lady Moon Farms Donates $10,384 to PASA During Earth Week

April 30, 2013

Lady Moon Farms Donates $10,384 to PASA During Earth Week Lady Moon Farms partnered again with Four Seasons Produce for a Four Seasons Earth Week Promotion. (April 21-27th) Lady Moon donated $1.00 for every case of Lady Moon produce sold by Four Seasons during the promotion. A total of $10,384, was raised and donated to Pennsylvania Association…

The Veggie Project

April 8, 2013

How do kids like their vegetables?  Lady Moon Farms wanted to know. You might be surprised by what we found. Lady Moon Farms was interested in finding out more about kids and vegetables.  We sent Karen Kain to get some answers. This is a four part series working with a seventh grade horticulture class. I…

Students Complete Survey About Vegetables

April 7, 2013

Twenty Eight Students Complete A Survey About What They Eat And Why Lady Moon Farms wanted to know what vegetables middle school students were eating. We surveyed twenty eight students asking about the vegetables they were eating, what they preferred, and whether they wanted to learn more about nutrition. We asked the following 10 questions.

Lady Moon Farms Gets Students Juicing Vegetables

April 6, 2013

Lady Moon Farms returns to middle school and gets the students juicing. The class was familiar with juicing fruits and had tried canned vegetable juice before. Most had never heard of juicing kale or chard and had no idea what the dandelion greens were.

Middle Schoolers Learn To Grow & Maintain Gardens

April 5, 2013

On my first visit to the middle school horticulture class I learned that every student was responsible for maintaining a virtual plant. Each day they logged onto a computer which provided them the condition of the plant,  statistics and all the tools to maintain it. I brought in carrots, kale & radish seeds so that…

Middle Schoolers Make Kale Smoothies

April 3, 2013

Lady Moon Returns to Middle School To Make Kale Smoothies. On our final trip to visit the middle school campus we brought ingredients to make kale smoothies. The students had been great sports trying everything that we shared with them and were pleasantly surprised that they enjoyed the smoothies. Many of the students were not interested in…